About the Halo Movie

Halo Movie is an upcoming film based on the video game series Halo, developed by Bungie Studios.

The Halo movie is to be directed by Neill Blomkamp and executively produced by Peter Jackson. The Halo Movie had a target release date of summer 2008, however production was halted due to financing problems in October 2006.

Halo Movie is now due for release in 2012.


Halo Movie coming 2012
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The Halo movie is said to be a cross between the first Halo game, Halo 2 and the latest game: Halo 3
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About the Halo Movie

There is nothing known so far about the Halo Movie story but as soon as an official story is revealed we will be the first to reveal it!

Check out the rumors page for now though as there are plenty of unofficial leaks and tibits through the industry at the moment.

There are rumors going around that the Halo Movie won't make it to cinema's until 2009 now! Obviously this is a big deal for the Halo community so we will keep you posted! Here's hoping that we see Halo Movie this year!

In 2007, Microsoft was shopping around for new partners after the recent departure of Univeral and Fox. The latest word is that Microsoft is focusing their partnering efforts on Warner Bros. and Paramount. Rumors have suggested that Microsoft may even fund the entire movie themselves.

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